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Start-up Consulting

You have a great idea – we can be by your side right from idea to actual foundation --when your vision becomes a reality

All problems, which may arise at the start-up of a business, are taken care of by us with all relevant know-how at our disposal.  We look after you professionally during every stage, bringing your idea to life. We have tailor-made solutions for all sizes of business ventures.

Extensive starter planning includes all spheres of your business. However, choosing the right legal form for your business will be significant. Connected with this decision are not only tax questions but also matters of social insurance and trading legislation.  You should, therefore, take timely professional advice. Jointly and in detail, we will plan your way to independence – so that your start-up will be crowned by success.

Our Services

  • Testing your idea for its potential
  • Joint creation of a concept
  • Creating a well thought out business plan
  • Advice in choosing a legal form
  • Support for financing questions and talks with the bank

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